Homeo Treatment: Urinary Disorders. Cystitis. Prostate Enlargement.

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Published: 11th April 2011
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Pregnancy and Birth:

It is good to treat the baby inside you as a person right from the start. Eat well, get regular exercise, avoid becoming stressed and tired, and do not smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid all drugs and nutritional supplements during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. There is no evidence that homeopathic remedies can cause the lightest problem in pregnancy, but it is safer to take them only if necessary.

Morning Sickness:

Morning Sickness is very common and is due to changes in hormone levels in pregnancy. It ends by weeks 16, although a few women go on to develop severe vomiting that can be harmful to both mother and baby.


Heartburn is a brining pain in the center of the chest and is due to hormones that cause the muscles around the entrance of the stomach to relax, allowing acid to back up into the esophagus. Heartburn is worse in late pregnancy, when the uterus presses on the stomach.


Cramps that mainly affect the legs are common during pregnancy and may occur during the day as well as h night. They may interfere with sleep, which can lead to exhaustion.

Breast pain:

Breast pain and swelling of the breasts is very common in the first few months of pregnancy as hormone levels increase, and in the last two or three months as the milk comes in. Inflammation of the breast tissue (mastitis) may occur because of an infection.

Frequent Urination:

Frequent Urination is caused by pressure from the uterus on the bladder, urethra, and pelvic floor muscles, and is aggravated if the pelvic floor muscles are weak and by wearing tight clothes.

Labor pain:

Labor pain varies enormously and women react to it in different ways. Homeopathy helps to allay the pain and exhaustion of labor and to calm emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety that occur during the various stages of labor.

Breast-Feeding Problems:

Breast-Feeding Problems can result from painful distended beasts that develop if the baby suddenly stops feeding. The pain may also be due to inflammation of breast tissue (mastitis) caused by a blocked milk duct or an infection, an abscess, or breast engorgement.


During pregnancy, take homeopathic remedies or tissue salts only if absolutely necessary and do not take remedies in potencies less than 6c, for example 3c. Avoid the Apis remedy blow 30c during pregnancy.

Morning sickness If vomiting occurs after nearly every meal, see a doctor.

Breast pain If there is a fever and/ or swollen, tender glands under the arms, see a doctor.

Frequent Urination. If this is associated with pain for more than 48 hours or frequency continues for more than 3 days, see a doctor.

Breast feeding Problems If there is engorgement and/ or hard breasts, pain, fever, and tender glands under arms, see a doctor.


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